About me

Hi, I'm Benjamin Widawski, welcome to my portfolio! One of the things that makes me get up in the morning is when I work on creative and innovative projects.

After graduating from EPITA, a french engineering school, I worked as a full stack developer in different fields. I then decided to pursue my career in the mobile gaming field. Working in the hypercasual market is the perfect opportunity to have fast iterations over small but very creative concepts.

Creating the next big hit requires tons of ideas, trials and iterations. That is exactly the kind of process I love, by constantly innovating, building new gameplays and daring to try something new.

Don't hesitate to hit me up for a coffee or a call!

Solo Studio

| 2020 — today

Ketchapp (Ubisoft)

| 2019 — 2020


| 2018 — 2019

Societe Generale

| 2016


| 2013 — 2018


Feel free to check out my latest games just below !

Running Shapes

A mobile game where you have to fit your shapes in the upcoming obstacles !

House Jump

Dodge the obstacles in your way to get the cat to the ground!


Bounce the ball in rhythm with the music!


Light up all the torches to go as far as possible!

Shake Island

Train your spatial and auditive memory with immersive situations!
Unity3D - PHP - Blender


Compose by ear the most famous melodies to train your relative pitch!

Play board games in real life with your friends without any other material than your phone!
VueJS - SocketIO

The Last Journey

Dead, you embody the reaper to collect the souls you need to do your last journey on earth!
C# - XNA

Passive Dancer

The classic arcade game Space Invaders, with bonus and achievements to unlock the best ships!

Let's talk

If you have any request, question or just want to say hi, my mail is